Zetatrade Create Inspiring 2016 Calendar Using Mirri

Zetatrade Create Inspiring
2016 Calendar Using Mirri

Zetatrade – Mirri’s Swedish distributor – developed a highly innovative calendar for 2016 using Mirri and materials from their other suppliers. The aim was to show Zetatrade’s graphic identity on a range of exciting substrates and an American Vintage Motorcycle theme was chosen for the print and finishing elements. 1000 calendars were produced to send to clients, customers and suppliers in the print and manufacturing industry. 
For the month of March, Mirri Pak for HP Indigo 280g was chosen. It features a close-up photograph of a motorcycle helmet which was digitally printed on an HP Indigo. For June, Mirri Holographic Rainbow 220g was used. This was specially coated for digital printing and displays a contrasting black graphic, featuring song lyrics from the late David Bowie. 
Design agency Boske provided the graphic design for the project. Karl-Magnus Boske, who worked on the design commented, ‘The theme comes from a long-term plan to promote the products of Zetatrade using strong expression and lots of attitude…The 12 months of a calendar offer a great opportunity to show a range of effects using different papers, dies and foils…To indulge in the beauty of tactility is a satisfying feeling in an otherwise rather digital world.’
The calendar was produced using both offset and digital printing and finishes include hot foil stamping and blind embossing. The paper used for the other calendar months came from Fedrigoni S.P.A. and Guarro Casas S.A. The hot stamping foils were supplied by Leonhard Kurz Stiftung & Co.KG and the brass dies from Hinderer + Muhlich GmbH & Co. KG. 
Andy Kirby, General Manager at Mirri commented, ‘It was great that Zetatrade included Mirri in their 2016 calendar, as it really showed the capabilities of Mirri and how it can be used in an inspired way.’
Each month displays an eye-catching range of graphics and typography which shows many of the creative possibilities of using specialty papers with print and finishes. It also features a clever cut-away piece at the bottom, so at the end of the year the calendar dates can be cut off and you can keep the designs as part of a collection.