Q Magazine puts lucky golden tickets in U2 vs Muse - Glastonbury Special issue

Magazine puts lucky golden tickets
in U2 vs Muse - Glastonbury Special issue

Q Magazine is the UK's biggest selling music magazine with music news, reviews and features. Q Magazine is published monthly. 20 lucky readers of Q Magazine Q288 found golden winning tickets inside their copy. Each Golden ticket entitled the winner to a pair of Q's Golden Glastonbury tickets, celebrating 40 years of Glastonbury Festival from Wednesday 23rd to Sunday 27th June 2010.

Steve Middleton, Sales Director of Celloglas, commented “ Q Magazine wanted to create 20 Willy Wonka style golden tickets. Our solution was to digitally print on Gold Mirri using a HP Indigo press.” Steve added “ Gold Mirri produces an extremely shiny metallic effect and looks fantastic and as they were digitally printed we were able to print a unique number on each of them for identification purposes”.

The tickets were printed by Image Evolution on a HP Indigo 5500. A Sapphire coating was applied prior to printing and they were gloss laminated both sides to bring back the glossy effect after coating.

Richard Gillgrass MD of Celloglas commented “ Digitally printing on Mirri is a fantastic development. We have already produced a number of spectacular short run invites for corporate events and we feel there is a lot of potential for Mirri in this market”.

Mirri Graffiti insert