Mirri, a division of Celloglas installs a large format Lamina board to board laminator at Reading site.

Mirri, a division of Celloglas installs a large format
Lamina board to board laminator at Reading site.

Mirri, a division of Celloglas has installed a large format board to board laminator. Mirri is a world leading brand of metallic paper and board, supplying product to the point of sale, packaging and commercial print sector. 
This installation will widen the Mirri POS offering, facilitating a fast turnaround service of a range of large format Mirri boards that have been laminated to thicker substrates for use in point of sale projects.
Large format Mirri can now be supplied laminated to materials such as Foamex, corrugated and display board. These substrates will then be ready to make into 3D structures, FSDU’s and other POS items. The growth of large format digital printing in the POS sector has also increased demand for thicker Mirri substrates that can be printed on digital flatbed presses. 
The maximum sheet size on the new laminator is 1600mm x 2000mm, minimum is 350mm x 350mm. The top sheet weight is 130-450 gm/m2, the bottom sheet is 250 gm/m2 or 0.6mic to 10mm. 
Mark Askham, Business Development Manager at Mirri commented “The installation of this machine will strengthen our offering to the point of sale sector. It will also allow us to develop a range of thicker Mirri substrates for use across several markets, including POS and packaging”. 
The machine features an automatic substrate feeder, precision gluing and lamination with front and side registration. 
Andy Kirby, General Manager at Mirri commented “As always we will be working closely with our clients to offer a solution that fits their project needs, this could mean supplying substrate laminated to a specification provided or laminating Mirri products to a thicker board from the clients stock and in some cases laminating a printed material to a thicker substrate”. 
Andy added “These are exciting times at Mirri, the large format board to board laminator will compliment the new ultra large format laminator that is due to be installed within the next few weeks”.

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