Mirri announce a new fast and flexible sheet-feeding service.

Mirri announce a new fast
and flexible sheet-feeding service

Mirri is a world leading brand of metallic paper and board and well known for it’s product quality and wide selection of metallic colours combined with smooth boards that create a mirror finish. 

Mirri – A Division of Celloglas can now offer a fast and flexible sheet fed lamination service, allowing clients the opportunity to  create metallic board from their own supplied board in sheet form. 

Andy Kirby, General Manager at Mirri, commented; “Some of our packaging and publishing clients prefer to buy their own quality boards and use their buying power to select a particular specification of smooth board or paper required to make a quality metallic product. Our new sheetfeeding service provides clients with the flexibility to create their own bespoke making”. 

Darren Howard, Business Development Manager, at Mirri commented “I primarily service the packaging and POS markets, catering for volumes small and large, mainly in the drinks and health and beauty sectors. Clients often want to supply us with their own folding boxboard or kraft board, as many of them source their own approved or specified grades. Our new sheet feeding service can now provide  clients with great flexibility and speed of delivery, allowing them to create quality retail packaging pieces from their own supply routes”. 

If the client chooses not to supply their own board, the Mirri production team have a wealth of experience in sourcing high quality boards and papers to the clients requirements

Sheets from 320mm x 450mm (SRA3) to 1000mm x 1400mm. can be laminated.

Steve Middleton, Sales Director at Mirri and Celloglas, commented; “This new Mirri sheetfed lamination service is also fantastic news for the publishing sector. It will now enable titles to send in their usual cover material, which can be laminated with a metallic film by Mirri and then printed as normal. They are now able to create a high impact, memorable covers, whilst using their normal paper,  making the exercise more affordable”. 

For more information about the Mirri sheetfeeding service please call the Mirri team on : 0118 9303656

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