Empire choose Mirri material for 'Icons of the Decade' Covers

Empire choose Mirri material for ‘Icons of the Decade’ Covers

The December issue of Empire magazine has 10 different special edition covers, marking the 10 biggest/most popular icons from the last decade.

Each collectable cover has an icon of the decade as voted by the readers. Each icon version has exclusive interviews, on-set reports and analysis of the stand-out characters of the decade. The covers have characters such as Harry Potter, James Bond, Jack Sparrow, Aragorn, Jason Bourne, The Bride( Uma Thurman in Kill Bill) Maximus ( Gladiator), Shaun( Shaun of the dead) Wolverine and The Joker.

All the covers are UV litho printed by Colour Five onto silver Mirri. Steve Middleton Sales Director of Mirri – A Division of Celloglas commented “ We have developed a Mirri bespoke making that is ideal for the publishing market. Available in gold and silver, it has a smooth, reflective finish. Although it is premium this making is produced especially to fit into a publisher’s magazine budget whilst still producing a stunning effect”.

Neil Atkinson Managing Director of Colour Five commented “We were delighted to print these spectacular covers, the movie icons coupled with the shine of Mirri creates covers that really stands out. They were printed with an opaque white in select areas, this creates contrast by selectively blocking the metallic effect”.