Agfa demo sheets of Mirri metallic substrate on :Anapurna Mw

Agfa demo sheets of Mirri
metallic substrate on :Anapurna Mw


Mirri – A Division of Celloglas produce large format sheets for the POS and display market, making anything from window displays to FSDU’s. POS items made with Mirri are especially popular for seasonal campaigns including Christmas.

Agfa have run Mirri sheets at their demo suite in Leeds. Agfa ran sheets of Mirri on their :Anapurna Mw inkjet digital machine. The :Anapurna Mw is a hybrid UV Inkjet printer designed to produce quality wide format output on a wide range of rigid and roll to roll media. The :Anapurna Mw has a white ink feature making it ideal for Mirri and other coloured or clear substrates.

Jennifer Deacon Commented “ We ran two artworks, one a standard New York scene file with a white and one with a file prepared with Color-Logic™ software. Both prints were fantastic, but the Color-Logic™ one was amazing. We have produced a case study with Agfa which covers the spec of the machine and material used.”

When used with Mirri substrates, Color-Logic™ is an extremely effective and time-efficient tool for preparing artwork and placing whites. It can also be used to produce special effects such as watermarks within the artwork. Mirri is a certified Color-Logic™ substrate partner.

Steve Collins Inkjet Account Manager at Agfa Graphics commented “ The Mirri prints looked great and the ink adhesion level was incredible. We were really impressed with how Mirri worked on the :Anapurna Mw. Agfa’s :Jeti models have very similar technology so Mirri would also work well with this range of digital machines”.

Mirri produces large format sheets in sizes 1000 x 1500 or 1250 x 1850 as standard or up to 1250 x 2100 as a bespoke making.


Mirri Graffiti insert